HLTV Logo HLTV (or Half-Life TV) is a service that broadcast Half-Life multiplayer games to an unlimited number of spectators. It can be also used for recording and playback of complete matches. Multiple spectator modes, overview maps and Picture-in-Picture technology offers a broad range of various view styles. Automatic camera managment by an advanced director AI will ensure to catch any important game event.

General HLTV FAQ
Check this FAQ, if you have problems to watch a HLTV game.

This FAQ provides help for setting up your own HLTV proxy to broadcast games.

Coder & Mapper HLTV FAQ
Help for Mod Makers & Mappers, who want to add HLTV support for their MOD or create overviews for self made maps.

Additional resources, files & documents about HLTV.

WWW Links
Many useful web pages regarding HLTV are listed here.

Feel free to email me if you have questions about HLTV or suggestions for next versions.