10/06/2003 HLTV Manager

A new, sophisticated HLTV tool has just been released by Eric Craeymeersch, the HLTV Manager. It's designed to setup and manage a larger HLTV network with multiple game servers and HLTV proxies. A graphical interface helps to keep control over all network resources, RCON and demo recording is supported.

31/05/2003 HLTV Linux patch 3111c

The latest HDLS patch 3111c fixes some problems with HLTV demo recording and playback under Linux. If you run a Linux HLTV, make sure to install it. Grab it here:, user: hlserver, password: hlserver.

07/05/2003 "viewdemo not available"

If this message appears after you just installed the latest HDLS patch over a HL/CS cient installation you have to remove the patch again to use viewdemo. The problem is that some library files (core.dll,vgui2.dll etc), which come with the new HLDS patch, are not compatible with the old version. In general, you shouldn't install a HLDS patch over a HL client installation. DoD 1.0 doesn't support viewdemo yet. Sorry.

03/05/2003 New HLTV version

Since yesterday there's a new HLTV version available (Linux, Windows It's part of the recent HLDS update and download links can be found at Valve ERC. There aren't much new features (client banning, new load balancing), but lot's of details have been changed since the internal structure of the HLTV application has been completely changed (split up in several modules). Take a look at the new HLTV-Readme.txt and send me bug reports, if you encounter any problems (especially with the Linux build).
UPDATE: a new HLDS patch has been released that mainly fixes some Linux proplems (server:, user: hlserver, password: hlserver).

21/03/2003 Diploma thesis

Finally I have finished my diploma thesis about camera management and navigation in 3D computer games. The main idea is to use a special navigation graph, a so called modified Voronoi graph. Well, that's good news for me, since I've finished my study of computer science. But that's also good news for you, because I will work full time on HLTV and viewdemo now. Hurra.

10/10/2002 "Bogus number of directory entries"

A HL demo contains a directory that is written in the end of recording. If HL (or HLTV) crashed or something else went wrong and this directory couldn't be written anymore, the complete demo is useless. The latest 'viewdemo' patch tries to restore these directory entries, if they're missing or broken. Grab it here.

26/06/2002 'viewdemo' update

For all you demo geeks, I've compiled a small update package that should fix most of the known 'viewdemo' problems (demo doesn't play, missing end, missing player voice, wrong player skins etc). See enclosed viewdemo.txt for further details. This patch requires Half-Life version 1110 and affects only the 'viewdemo' function, nothing else.

12/06/2002 'viewdemo'

The new HL patch 1110 released today offers a new way to watch previously recorded demos. It's still in development, so you won't find it on the official changelist. 'viewdemo < file name >' offers a GUI to control the demo playback. The GUI can be enabled/disabled with 'F2' and should be quite intuitive to use, anyway here's a list of the button's functionality:

|< Go to demo start
<< Decrease playback speed
< Go one frame backward
|| Pause
|> Play
> Go one frame forward
>> Increase playback speed
>| Go to demo end

It should work with normal client demos, HLTV demos, all Mods and also with demos recorded with HL 1109. Demo files can not be edited or saved yet. If you're facing problems using 'viewdemo', please email me. 'playdemo' didn't change and is still available. Have fun with it and I hope to see lots of new movies !

11/05/2002 HLTV 1109c

There is a new HLTV available as part of the 1109c HLDS beta patch. Beside a some of bug fixes (rcon,delay reset,multicast, wrong spectator numbers), it has a new cvar 'serverversion', which can be set to '1108' to view/re-record old demos. It's strongly recommend that any server/HLTV admin should install this patch. Grab it here: (Login: server_beta ,Password: kalafornia)

26/04/2002 Site update

I've updated the HLTV section, mainly divided the FAQ into tree parts (Admin,User,Mod Maker FAQ) and added a bunch of useful WWW links. Since the 1109 update was released just some hours ago, the FAQs are quite empty. This will change in the next couple of days when the first questions/bug reports has arrived. Also don't throw away your old 1108 demo files ,a demo converter is coming soon.

24/04/2002 It's coming...

The new HLTV version 1109 is on it's way. There are a lot of new features like the enhanced spectator GUI, improved First Person mode, advanced auto director camera, slow motion effects, automatic network load balancing, less CPU demands and many more. Make sure to take a look at the new HLTV-Readme.txt . While waiting for the 1109 client updates , enjoy this DivX video , showing the new HLTV in action. Btw, the original .dem file for this video was edited with the new demo editor still in development. Stay tuned.

11/03/2002 Some news & overview collection

I didn't post much news the recent time, since I was quite busy. The new HLTV proxy will be released with the next version 1109 and offers some really nice new features. Also the client side spectator GUI as been polished as you can see in the current CS 1.4 Steam beta test. Also HLTV will be shown at the CeBIT, an international IT exposition (Hannover, Cebit, Hall 16 - booth A06). This was made possible by a cooperation between QDSL,, and Gamer-TV. They will hold and broadcast a special CPL Europe CS tournament, where some of the most famous German CS teams will participate.

A useful homepage I found while surfing the Internet is , which has over 80 selfmade overview images for custom CS maps. It also offers a tutorial to create these overview images (in German).

26/11/2001 New HLTV record

Yesterday broadcasted the CS Nation Cup game Germany vs. Finland. Over 4600 spectators enjoyed this exciting game via HLTV. It was very close in the end, but Germany won 16 to 15. gg both teams.

20/11/2001 HLTV in Japanese

Another HLTV tutorial in Japanese can be found here . Ok, I really don't understand anything, but it looks great anyway. Update: I found other good tutorials in french & espaniol .

30/10/2001 BBC on HLTV

There is a good article about spectating online games on BBC News. They predict a successful future for this new kind of entertainment.

26/10/2001 New HLDS 1108c Beta Patch

And it contains a new HLTV proxy version too. Major improvement is the automatic spectator balancing between all relay proxies. The master proxy (the one connected to real game server) will dispatch each new spectator to the most unused relay proxy. So you don't have to care about which relay proxies and their IP addresses. Just announce the master proxy IP, and each participating relay proxy will be used instantly. Also few other new things (password, multiple voice commentators, repeating info messages). Grab them directly here: 4108c for Windows or 3108c for Linux .

15/10/2001 Overviews for CPL maps

The CPL just released their two maps de_clan1_mill and de_clan2_fire which will be used at the World Championship Counter-Strike and their leagues. So I quickly made HLTV overview files for these maps. Grab them und put all files into your cstrike/overviews folder.

15/10/2001 HLTV Comic

If there's still somebody out there, not knowning how HLTV works, you should take a look at this comic by Bender. A short summary for all non native German speakers : "Smoke grenades have a significant lack of cinematographic value in HLTV since you won't see anything anymore.". Make sure to check out all other Counter-Strike Comics by Bender.

04/10/2001 German HLTV tutorial

The German Clan "German Ground Forces" assembled a real great tutorial about every aspect in HLTV. Unfortunately it's written in German, but if you speak that language, go for it. The introducing picture of a T sitting in front of a TV set watching 'HLTV' I like bested.

02/10/2001 GG Team Germany!

Yesterday, the biggest HLTV event ever was broadcasted to at least 2000 spectators. The ClanBase CS Nation Cup match Germany vs. Denmark was very exciting and Team Germany won by 9:8, very close. I hope to see much more and bigger broadcasts by ( btw: I saw some HLTV proxies running with 200 connected clients :)

01/10/2001 HLTV as WWW link ?

Yes, now web sites can set hyperlinks to HL game servers or HLTV proxies and your Half-Life will automatically connect after clicking on this link. To register HLMP (Half Life Multiplayer Protocol) on your web client, download and install LinkHL,

01/10/2001 Back online

After changing my web host, everything should be back online now. If anything is still missing, please email me. BTW: since the new HLDS 4108a Beta patch is availabe ( Windows & Linux ), the HLTV FAQ has also changed. Please make sure to catch up with the latest changes.

26/9/2001 Download section down

My ISP wasn't very happy about recently download traffic, so he disabled all download links. Now I'm searching for a new (free) web host, providing me about 200 MB web space (all I need is FTP, no CGI etc.) . PS: The TrueColor HLTV map pack for CS is mirrored here

24/9/2001 HLTV in Action

A quite interesting match was broadcasted today by . The CS Eurocup match was between MTW and [P] . All 300 spectator slots were full and the HLTV admins did a great job. I recorded one match on my machine, didn't had the best connection but it rocks. Grab the demo and enjoy the HLTV offline experience.

19/9/2001 HLTV Goodies

The official HL 1108 and CS 1.3 releases contains only 256 color map images for overview mode in HLTV. This was done to keep the patches small. If you want the full quality true color maps for HLTV, just download my HiRes map packs for your favorite MOD: HLDM, CS, TFC. Simply extract the .zip into in the right Half-Life/Mod/overviews directory and overwrite the old .tga and .txt files.

17/9/2001 HLTV FAQ

The HL and CS 1.3 updates are coming closer. Since first feedback from beta testers already arrived, I'll took some time and started a HLTV FAQ. It mainly targets proxy admins and will be updated frequently.

11/9/2001 Terrorism

I am shocked by the wave of terror against US citizens. My thoughts are with the victims and their relatives. I've been just two month ago on the Twin Towers in NYC, can't imaging that I will never see them again. This is a dark day for mankind.

24/08/2001 Cinema tip

Yesterday I've seen the local premiere of 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within'. Wow, it blow my mind away. After I saw some trailers on TV, my expectations were lowered, but they can't catch the atmosphere. Forget all the critics and see it for yourself. It's great.

13/08/2001 Paper about HLTV

Since I will finish my study soon, I have to find a good topic for my diploma thesis. Unfortunately, 'computer games' is a word not used by german professors in relation with computer science. The average german diploma thesis uses words like 'e-commerce' and 'online-shopping', bah boring. So I wrote a short paper about HLTV , I will use to advertise for my very own thesis. Hopefully some professorship will accept it.

30/07/2001 New Order & Blade & Half-Life Remix

Finally found a cool New Order - Confusion Remix by Voxigenboy after bothering my favorite DJ. It's based on the 'Blade' remix with new speech from the Half-Life hazard course. Nice to see things I like come together :)

27/07/2001 New HLTV videos

After implementing new features to HLTV, I had some time to make two new small DivX AVIs (cb-hltv1.avi, cb-hltv2.avi) from a demo recorded at the ClanBase EuroCup at Amsterdam. I invited the probably best two european CS clans (Exousia & TAMM) to test the 1108 beta version by playing a couple of rounds. The videos show the four different view modes (Chase Cam, Free Look, First Person, Map Overview).


If you read this newsgroup like me, and your also an IE/Outlook user and cannot use such cool words like 'killfile', there's an easy way to ignore childish people. Just create a new rule under 'Tools/Message Rules', a small wizard is helping you (photo). This way you'll enjoy a better newsgroup experience without people only telling you that your signatur is wrong or you didn't quote correctly. Sorry, I had to say this :)

17/07/2001 ClanBase EuroCup 2001

Last weekend I've been at the ClanBase EuroCup 2001 in Amsterdam. Both finals, Quake 3 TDM and Counter-Strike were hold on this event. The German Quake 3 Clan Unmatched won the Quake 3 Cup, but our CS Clan TAMM faild against the Finnish team (great skills), so they made *only* the second place. Anyway, TAMM made a quite professional impression to me and their book about Counter-Strike is a real masterpiece. Greetigs to the whole Clan Base team, did a great job on this event (download video).

02/07/2001 One year of silence

After a long time, I decided to update my home page again. As you might already know, I working for Valve now, designing and coding a multicast capable spectator software with an intelligent director logic and some kind of map overview, known from Argus. The release date is not certain, maybe later this month. In the meantime you could watch this cool video Frags Done Extreme (22MB DivX AVI), showing good old QuakeWorld. It rocks !

06/06/2000 QIRC for mIRC

Wow, now all QIRC functions are available within mIRC without starting any extra programs. But it wouldn't be possible without sYx66's help, who wrote a whole new mIRC script with lots of useful functions. So check it out (in the download section, as usual).

04/06/2000 QIRC problems with Quakenet

After some problems with Quakenet, i have converted QIRC to a DLL and wrote a small mIRC script, so you can easily use QIRC functions within mIRC. This should be the best solution. Unfortunately i must test this plugin a little bit more, to get out a stable version. So be patient for one or two days.

31/05/2000 QIRC - A Quake 3 IRC Client

You don't wanna miss important messages from you favorite clan IRC channel while playing Quake3 ?? Then use QIRC, my new little IRC tool. It connects to a channel of your choice and sends all messages directly to your Quake3 client. You can also chat without leaving Quake. Just type "]\irc Hello World!" in your console. Take a look a the download section and read the readme.txt in the QIRC.ZIP.

23/05/2000 No Time

Bad news. Since i have a new job, i have no further time to continue work on Argus. If you are an experienced C++ WIN32 programmer with some basic Quake knowledge you might be interested in the Argus source code. It contains the whole Dm3 format specs, but i removed network code (de/encryption, client/server communication) to avoid new aimbots. Read the readme.txt and feel free to email me about source code questions. You may develop new versions of Argus or use code fragments for your own tool, but please mention my name. (this source code is the result of about 1 year of work). Look at the download section. The source code has just 200KB.

04/05/2000 Small Argus update

After the new PointRelease from ID, i put a new version of Argus (0504) in the download section. You can choose between 1.16n or 1.17 protocol. Some nice GUI changes and other small fixes are also included. Next time i will split the binaries from the maps&graphics.

02/05/2000 Argus update

I've uploaded a new version of Argus. Now with less bugs and you can connect to any "pure" server. Still under development. But the "Quake in a Nutshell" project is stealing time.

04/13/2000 Quake in a Nutshell

After some request to update my Quake 3 Console variable list, i decided to make a hole new documentation about commands and variables in Quake. My name for this new project is "QUAKE in a Nutshell". It will be written in german(sorry).

02/13/2000 New Homepage

After problems with my old site ( due to download capacity, i asked for a subdomain and some disk space at Now I am working on a little homepage for Argus without facy graphics and latest WWW technologies. Just a simple site with good content.