ARGUS is a Quake 3 Arena analysis tool. It can retrieve the source data from a demo file (DM3) or it connects to a Quake server, and spectates the game online. As a spectator it switches as fast as possible through all players and get very detailed information about each player every second.

I've stopped the development of Argus and have no time to release any new versions anymore. The source code is available but it will take a lot of time to build a version that's working with the current Q3A release. ID software changed network code a lot since version 1.17.

With ARGUS you can:

Argus binary and graphic files :
Date : 04/05/2000
Size : 5.7 MB
Status: beta

Argus source code (VC++ 6.0). Full DM3 format specs included :
Date : 23/05/2000
Size : 202 KB
Status: stable

Every chat and action is logged in the console

View hole match from above with all players and items

Compare up to 4 players with graphs (health, armor, score etc.)

Detailed analysis and statistics for each player in HTML

See where wich team dominated