Heres some of my stuff I made with my good, old AT286, 12 Mhz, VGA, 4 MB RAM and 30 MB HDD. A killer maschine :)

As every game coder knows, before you can make a game, you need the right tools. So I made a small, but useful paint program Paintbox. The main purpose was to learn how to program the VGA card. Also I made first steps in mouse and file system programming. Adding a PCX loader was the final touch.

After I completed Paintbox, I created Otti's Quest. A homage to King's Quest, my first adventure game. Ok, Otti's Quest offers only 10 minutes of game play maximum, but all my handmade picture are really wonderful.

Ok, the main problem in Otti's Quest was the absence of heavy weapons :) Quite boring to fight against evil dragons with poison herb, right? So I made my first 2D scrolling game Red Flag 2 where you controlled a tank or later a helicopter. All you had to do was the fight your way from point A to point B. A common used game idea, I know. But each level offered new buildings, enemies and terrains (desert, coasts, plain grass etc). This game supported a joystick and had an incredible MIDI soundtrack and 8 bit mono sound effects.BTW, this was my first project in Turbo Pascal. I used Quick Basic before.

Ever wondered what happend to the settlers on Alpha Centauri at the end of Sid Mayer's 'Civilization'? Then play Pionier, my very own sequel of Civ. I cloned GUI and game concept, but now everything in space. Discover new planets, enter worm holes and research for new technologies. It has a two player mode for ultimate challenge (what I always missed in the original Civ).

Ever told you, that I was a math geek ? I wrote a math program Vector that could calculate intersections between vectors, planes and spheres. It could also show the objects as a 3D wire frame model. And since I had a complete vector library, I simply added a ray tracer to render realistic images of the scene. That was a damned fine program. Still useful for pupils learning analytical geometry.

Influenced by Wolfenstein 3D I wrote my own pseudo 3D block-labyrinth engine. The rendering code was my first bigger ASM project and it was pretty fast. But I never made a game out of it, thus it has no real name. This was the first time I realized that it needs more than a good coder to make even a simple game. A game designer and even more a good artist is absolutley necessary since graphic standards left the 16 color area. And I didn't know anybody how could do this job. At this time I had no clue what the Internet was. Loading custom levels for Wolfenstein from a local BBS via my 9600 Baud modem was state of the art :)