From spring 2000 to spring 2001 I was part of a project group formed at the University of Dortmund. This project group is part of the normal study and should train teamwork and specialize students for their diploma. We programmed a client/server application to create and maintain process landscapes used to document production processes in software development. These processes supported distributed editing and a dynamic documention as HMTL/XML. They were notated in some kind of reduced Petri Nets. I wrote a short abstract about Petri Nets, maybe it's a good introduction for all beginners with this topic. It was the first time I used Java as programming language and I must admit, I liked it. Unfortunately, it's much too slow for 3D computer games. I mainly worked on the GUI, which is a good way to explore the Sun Java SDK.
After all it was one year of hard work, endless and senesless discussions about nothing, lots of experience about the "being of programmers" and quite some fun.

Screenshot of our Palermo Process Editor

Abstract about Petri Nets and related simulation tools (in German).
Date : 01/04/2000
Size : 300 KB
Status: final

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