In 1997 Kai ([UTG]Asathor) and me bought a NIC and played "Duke Nukem 3D" in a LAN. This was quite fun, but some strang guy Oli ([OCR]Slop) told us, that there is only one true 3D shooter we have to play. Right, Quake. So we started to play QuakeWorld against Slop and we didn't got a single frag. Ok, he was the top german player at this time, so we could accept this. Then we meet 3 other guys, Firas ([UTG]Chuml), Stefan ([UTG]Wodan) and Taher ([UTG]Skrymir), who also played Quake. Our first LAN was funny since Kai and me played together we Slop as one team and they had no clue who Slop was. It must have been very frustrating :) Anyway, we made a lot of matches and finally founded our own Quake Clan in 1998. The name Utgard is taken from old german mythology and means "Underworld", where the dead live. I choose the nick 'Loki' because it sounds very similar to my old nick 'Otti'. Loki is a sly,cunning God in northern mythology.

After Kai had designd our logo, we printed it on T-shirts and coffee cups, made our homepage and joined the DECL, a german Quake 3 liga. Btw, our homepage is state of the art using DHTML and has the coolest navigation Java Applet I've ever seen. We had a lot of fun and I started to examine the Quake 3 engine. Soon I had a complete list of all console variables with detailed descriptions, we publish on our homepage. Also, check out the cool Clan Utgard wallpaper I made.

Our Homepage

Early t-shirt design by Kai