Some projects come along with source code. Feel free to use it as you like. If you use parts of it, I would be happy, if you just let me know about your project.

Voronoi Camera (2003)
I finished my computer science study with a diploma thesis about camera management in 3D computer games. The new idea is to use a modified Voronoi Graph (a medial axis graph) to navigate the camera smoothly through narrow spaces.

HLTV (2001)
Since I was hired by Valve Software, I'm working on the HLTV technology, that broadcasts Online Games to thousands of spectators. It a combination between QTV and Argus with additional multicast capabilities and an intelligent director logic.

Argus (2000)
A spectator tool for recored or online Quake 3 matches. Source code (Win32 C/C++) includes the Quake 3 .DM3 file format and some other nice GUI stuff .

QIRC (2000)
A IRC client that relays chat messages between an IRC channel and a runnig Quake 3 game. Also a mIRC plugin and source code (Win32 MFC C++) are available.

Videos (2000)
Our Clan Utgard promotion video and a small intro rendered with 3D Studio MAX and the Quake 3 engine. They rock!

Project Group Palermo (2000)
Project Palermo was a project group of 12 computer science students for one year.

Clan Utgard (1998)
We founded the Quake Clan Utgard.

First Homepage (1998)
My first WWW homepage about Pink Floyd and the total eclipse 1999.

Old DOS stuff (1990 - 1995)
Only the cream of the crop of what I programmed with my old AT286.